Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Tangerine Dream

For some reason, i've been DYING to wear my orange eyeshadows. i guess it's because like my green eyeshadows, they rarely get played with. Orange looks really good on my skintone, idk why. I guess cuz i'm light skinned? I usually try to match my eyeshadow with my outfit, or my jewelry. I don't have any orange jewelry and i only have one orange shirt. So i just wore it to work after asking someone's opinion. Orange won lol. So on to the look. Also FYI i have included the new names for some of the renamed colors of Shiro's Pokemon collection or if it is being discontinued. I will try to do this from now on with Shiro's renamed colors on new posts (if i can remember!). If not, refer to this: 

After applying my Concrete Minerals Electric Eye Primer, i patted on Shiro Cosmetics' Rapidash in the inner corners of my eyes. Rapidash (being discontinued) is a pale cream-gold tangerine with red glitter. Next, i patted on Shiro Cosmetics' Charmander (Flamethrower) all over the lid, a soft, bright, shimmery orange with yellow undertones and a hint of gold.

In the crease only, i patted/swiped on Scaredy Cat Cosmetics Phoenix Tears, a subtle orange with pink undertones. In the outer corners and blended into the crease, i patted/swiped Shiro Cosmetics' Vulpix (Bicycle Voucher), a shimmering, coppery russet.

I lined my lashlines top and bottom with my Milani Liquif'eye Pencil in Brown. Black eyeliner seemed like it would be too harsh for this look. I blended any harsh lines out and blended the colors together. It seems i forgot to put on my mascara, i totally forgot. Can't believe i left the house with my eyes like that lol. Oh well.

 I wore my Scaredy Cat Cosmetics' pigment in Hirundo as a blush. It was gorgeous, but took alot of blending and reapplying to get it right. It was really pigmented and looked clownish. Had i had the right brush for blush application, i'm sure it would have been easier. I just applied it too heavily and toned it down till it got where i liked it. It's a gorgeous color and great as a blush.

On my lips, i used my Milani Lip Flash Pencil in Flash Light. It's an orangey toned red, that's semi-sheer. I love this color. These pencils are awesome. They're not a gloss and not a lipstick, but they're just right. These are just enough of what i love about glosses and lipstick in one convenient pencil. Shiny, but with good coverage and they last a good while. They're a bit drying, but nothing a good lip balm can't fix.

Well, that's the finished look! Please excuse my mascara forgettyness and my horribly blemished face. I'm just breaking out like crazy lately idk why. Maybe stress? Idk. I was blaming it on soda but i've been pretty much soda free for a week or two now and nothing's changed. LAME. I might know what's causing it, but i'm not sure. Bear with me till my skin clears up. :/ Also, my lighting sucked when i took these pics idk why that is either. Maybe cuz i'm always in a rush lol. Well better luck next time. Till i see you again, Stay Beautiful!

<3 Sarah

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