Thursday, August 22, 2013

Full Metal

well finally a new post. i've had this look laying around for awhile and we finally got the internet back. i can't remember what exactly i was wearing, but i'm sure it's just Full Metal from Shiro Cosmetics' FMA collection on my eyes. i think on my lips is Shiro Cosmetics' intertube in Ridiculously Photogenic. i was all dressed up for an interview where i yet again didn't get the job. :/ either way, i'm working now and that day i looked great. their loss. this look was super simple and fast. Full Metal has so much complexity that you'd think i was wearing more than one color. i love it. Chimera from the FMA collection is awesome too. onto the pics.

hope u like it. <3 Sarah

Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Dark Side Of Beauty's 2nd Blogiversary with Shiro Cosmetics!

ok so everybody knows how OBSESSED i am with Shiro Cosmetics. it's not even funny lol. well right now one of my favorite bloggers, actually my FAVORITE blogger, Darth Nancy, is having a Shiro giveaway! i myself have won 2 of her giveaways and she's just awesome. i love her blog and she has alot of giveaways. go ahead and check her out and win yourself some Shiro Cosmetics, she is giving away a $50 Shiro Cosmetics Gift Certificate! just go to:

good luck!! :D

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Club Saturday

This look is from last Saturday, it was my sister's birthday and she wanted to go clubbing Friday and Saturday. She's crazy. It was really fun though. Friday sucked but she had fun, and Saturday was an explosion of awesome. The first half of the night i was sitting down while her and my mom and her friend danced. I'm not much of a dancer, and i prefer certain kinds of music. They played some old school music i didn't really care for in the beginning. I was glad my sister was having alot more fun than the previous night. Then everything changed. I guess it was 80's night and they played The Cure, Morrissey, Depeche Mode, and my sister sat down. My uncle showed up and man we danced all night together. It was so much fun. I love dancing to 80's music and me and my uncle burned up the dance floor. Awesome night. Anyways, here's my makeup lol. I used Zora/Zora Sapphire and Veran/Dark Sacrifice from the Shiro Cosmetics Legends Collection and Alkahestry from the Fullmetal Collection. I used Zora on the lid and Veran in the crease and outer corners and winged it out a bit. I'd been dying to wear Alkahestry cuz i love purple, but i have a weird thing where i match my eyeshadow to what i'm wearing, and i wasn't wearing purple. So i decided to put it in the corner of my eyes to highlight. It is such a gorgeously glittery color, i decided to just pat it all over my lid afterwards to make the entire look sparkle and pop. I was in love with this look and felt like a rockstar with all the sparkle. I'm also wearing the Shiro Cosmetics Ridiculously Photogenic intertube on my lips. I love it cuz it the perfect berry shade when i don't want my lips to overpower my eyes but also want them featured. I'm never a girl for bare lips. Very rarely anyways. Also please excuse my shiny greasy face! And idk wtf my hair is doing on the right side  lol. I was in a rush and took the pics before i fixed my hair and put on my Fatality Finishing Powder also from Shiro Cosmetics (DUH!.) Well i hope you like the look! Onto the pics!

ok enough of the serious pics, here's me a complete dork playin around with the camera lol. hope u get a laugh out of it. :)

lol. <3 Sarah

Monday, October 8, 2012

Grey Lips

well this might look like a fail, but i assure you it's not. I used a Shiro Cosmetics Intertube in Insanity Wolf, and i decided today was the day to bust it out. Well, Saturday was the day lol. i was in a huge rush, and i found out Insanity Wolf has to kind of set a bit before you rub your lips together. I couldn't get it to look good on my super pigmented lips, i kept trying to fix this by applying more Insanity Wolf. This made it more streaky. It wasn't until i got in the car and smudged the lip line with my finger and let it set, that it looked really good. So excuse the pictures and don't blame the product. My lips are hard to cover with light colors, and i didn't give myself the time to work with Insanity Wolf. But i assure you, it looked awesome once i let it set. I'm also wearing Housewife on the lid and Homunculus in the crease. Another lovely duo! I'm finding all these colors go together beautifully. Both are from Shiro Cosmetics' Fullmetal Collection. sorry for the lack of pics, but alot of the pics came out blurry and these were the only usable three. Insanity Wolf looks like a very light greyish lilac in person, and kinda white in the pics.

Feeling Bright

Here's a look i did using more colors from Shiro Cosmetics' Fullmetal Collection. for this look i used Colonel in the crease blended out, and Slave 23 on the lid. Sadly, these colors gave my camera a heart attack, and they weren't captured correctly in all their glory. They are SOOOO SPARKLY! like serious glitterbombs. i love love love it. i wish my camera would have done them justice. i included a few blurry shots to hopefully give u an idea of how much these glitter and sparkle. also i am wearing a new Shiro Intertube on my lips in Smashing. love this color! :)

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Finally A New Post!

well Shiro Cosmetics released a new collection, and you know i just had to have it. Caitlin released a Fullmetal Alchemist Collection, if you're not familiar with that, it's an anime. Even if you're not into anime, the collection is MUST HAVE. The colors are gorgeous. Here's my first look using the collection. i used Chimera on the lid, Day of Reckoning in the crease, and The Truth in the inner corners of my eyes. i loved this look, and my sister said it looked really good. on my lips i used a Shiro Intertube in Team Buffy toned down with gloss on top. and pics...

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sexy Golem

wore this look to the mall to turn in some applications i had filled out a few days before. i was shopping with my mom and my sister and her kids for school. it was a really good day that day, but i broke out a little. still didn't make me feel too crappy though. :) i used Shiro Cosmetics Golem from the Super Effective Collection and a NYX pigment in Black Pearl my friend Lucy sent me. she's so awesome. i never realized i don't have a non-glittery black at all in my vast collection. i need to invest in a shimmery black like Black Pearl in case that runs out and a matte black. totally need to experiment with matte colors. i don't even have any! i had a Kat Von D palette that i gave to my mom and it had sum matte colors in it. oh well, too late. this was a simple look that i really loved. it was sultry and smoky and sexy. Golem is a color i reach for very often now. Sexy Golem. oh yeah. lol.

hope u like it!
<3 Sarah