Sunday, March 11, 2012

Golden In A Perfect World

Lately work has been pretty horrible, but when i'm having a bad day, feeling pretty helps alot. This look definitely lifted my mood as much as the day tried to kill it. I know i don't look too happy in these photos, but you can see how happy i was with the look in the pictures at the end of the post. I was just in a rush (as usual) so i took the pictures hastily, hence, the look on my face lol.

I've been testing out my Concrete Minerals Electric Eye Primer these days, and i'm finding out that what other bloggers have been saying is true. It can definitely hold up the same as Urban Decay Primer Potion. It's actually a bit better because the shadows stick better, are more brighter, true to color, and the sparkles and glitter are more apparent. Urban Decay Primer Potion tends to dull the colors and the shadows aren't as sparkly. It's also half the price of UDPP. Money is tight right now, so i can't quite afford to buy another tube of Primer Potion. The Electric Eye Primer is definitely going to be my go-to primer from now on.

Now on to the colors. I used Shiro Cosmetics' Perfect World from the Death Note Collection (Now known as the Notebook Collection) all over the lid, and up to the crease. It's a pure gold, soft and slightly metallic. In the crease, i patted Shiro Cosmetics' Second Kira, also from the Death Note/Notebook Collection. This is a charcoal with gold sparkles. You probably can't see them from the pictures, but they're there.

I used my Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner in Black as usual, and my Revlon Grow Luscious Mascara in Black, also as usual. On my lips, i used my Shiro Cosmetics' Intertube in Numa Numa. It's an orange-gold base with golden sparkles, it definitely completed and complemented this look perfectly. i love this color.

I applied my blush super light, cuz i wanted to showcase the gold in this look. I was so in love with this look, it made my day. i hope you like it as much as i do. I wanted to call this look "The Golden Child", but i didn't want people to think it had anything to do with the movie. i love that movie, but yeah, this wasn't affiliated or inspired by it lol. By the way, i feel i need to mention, i know i use ALOT of Shiro Cosmetics in all my looks. Sometimes that's all i use. This is only because i am in LOVE with their products, and they are the first indie company i ever bought from. They hold a special place in my heart, as does the owner of Shiro, Caitlin. She's a sweetheart and i can always count on superb customer service and quality products from her. The Best. Majority of my makeup collection is Shiro products, and i tend to buy from Caitlin almost exclusively. She ships fast and makes the most amazing things, i just can't get enough. I'm not affiliated or working or promoting for Shiro, i am just a super loyal and gratefully happy customer. I try to give other companies a try, and i do, but Shiro Cosmetics is always my number one go-to makeup company. I just want to let you guys know i'm not being paid in makeup or money to showcase or promote or talk up their products. They're just really THAT awesome. ;) 

<3 Sarah