Monday, May 28, 2012

Yoda Meets Xanadu in the Death Star

So my post-naming creativity is dwindling. Sorry lol. I try. Ok, well once again i used my Galaxy Far, Far Down the Street collection from Victorian Disco Cosmetics, and another Lip Poison from Venomous Cosmetics. I loved this look, but anything is love when it involves red lipgloss. :) I used Yoda's Yoga Mat and Death Star from VDC and Venomous Cosmetics Xanadu Lip Poison. This is like the most perfect shade of red to me. Very Marilyn. Yoda's Yoga Mat was another crazy beautiful color that photographed like meh. IRL it's like green golden fairy dust. Love it. Death Star is a sexy sparkly smokey grey black, everyone needs a color like this. I can't wait for my Brains 4 Beauty collection to come in the mail! I also want all of the World of Warcraft lipglosses and a few colors from that collection as well, and i can't wait for the Totoro mini collection to come out. Such an awesome company with stellar customer service, and great products to look forward to. I see nothing but success for Victorian Disco's future. I'm hooked. Customer for life right here. <3

Oddly Normal

Another look i did using my Victorian Disco Cosmetics Galaxy Far, Far Down the Street Collection. I used The Force, Use It and Youngling. The Force, Use It is described as a very light green with a strong reddish purple sheen, but on me it instantly turned pink lol. I love pink, but i'm sure its hidden properties turned green in some lighting. Lovely color. Wish the green would have showed in the photos though, but it was there in real life. Youngling is a purple with a golden sheen. Love, love me some purple. I used Shiro Cosmetics Jigglypuff as a blush, and Venomous Cosmetics Lip Poison in Fairy. I thought the blush was too much, but i wore it anyway. I like to keep it interesting and try new things and see how they work. Too weird for work? What do you think? I liked it, it was a fun look.

First Look with Victorian Disco Cosmetics

Got my Star Wars Collection from Victorian Disco Cosmetics and WOW. The colors are amazing, more awesome than i ever thought they would be. Sparklelicious and complex, pigmented and pure perfection. I really like that like my beloved Shiro Cosmetics, Victorian Disco's pigments need little help besides eye primer to work well. I know that loose pigments work best with a sticky base or glitter adhesive (which i do not own), but i need products that can stand on their own and perform superbly with simply just primer. I'm always pressed for time cuz late is my middle name, so i don't got time to slap on 3 different products on my eyes before i apply color. I just use a primer, apply and blend, eyeliner and mascara and i'm done. Another company with great products disappointed me because i've found their pigments do better with glitter adhesive and colored bases. As much as that would be worth the work, i just don't have time for that on a daily basis. Victorian Disco on the other hand, was pure awesomeness, and now will definitely be a favorite shop of mine from now on. I actually just recently ordered the Brains 4 Beauty collection, which is named after the Left 4 Dead video game. I've never played it, but i can appreciate the reference and the colors are to die for. No pun intended lol. Anyways, i'm in love with my new colors, time to showcase them. Here i used from the Galaxy Far, Far Down The Street collection, Clones and Ewok Pajama Party. I also used a Venomous Cosmetics Lip Poison, but i'm not sure which one it is..FAIL lol. I can't remember cuz this is from days ago. I should also add that these pictures don't 100% do justice to the sheer GORGEOUSNESS of these pigments. It looked so much better in person. My camera did its best, but seriously...IRL they're magical. Well hope you like it. :)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Modern Cleopatra

Finally got my Shiro Cosmetics Tribute Collection about a week ago, and  i had this look on hand and forgot to post it. I did another look that turned out to be a fail, and due to my crazy schedule, i've been way too tired to do any makeup on my eyes. I also ordered from Venomous Cosmetics and Victorian Disco Cosmetics around the same time. I got my Lip Poisons from Venomous Cosmetics, but i'm still waiting on my Star Wars Collection from Victorian Disco Cosmetics to come in the mail. It seems i ordered at the perfect time, because both companies were going on vacation, one for a week, the other till June for maternity break. Thankfully, all my stuff got shipped before their vacations. For this look i used Rebellion and Baker's Boy from Shiro Cosmetics' Tributes Collection, my new Rimmel Exaggerate Eye Definer, which i LOVE. It's really black and glides like a dream but stays put when i put it on. i don't get raccoon eyes at the end of the day with it, like i did with Revlon's colorstay eyeliner. I also used the new Rimmel Scandalash Mascara. The mascara is meh. i think the brush is too fluffy and soft when it needs to be kinda hard to grab the lashes. I like it cuz it gives a more natural look and doesn't bug my eyes or flake off. Also the tube leaves the brush kinda gunky cuz the opening is too big. Nothing a tissue can't fix. Idk i always try new mascaras, and when i don't like them i pass them to my mom or sister, who usually loves them, so it never goes to waste. I have yet to give up on this mascara, it's not that bad. Anyways, here's the look. It looked way more awesome in person, trust me. I really loved it. A little dramatic for work at Walmart, but no one seemed to notice. I think they're already used to my crazy makeup lol. annnnd....picture time! i know there's alot sorry. but i couldn't choose just a few. i really liked how this came out. :) Also excuse the random duckface idk why i do that with my lips when i take a picture sometimes lol. The last pics are of me trying to look Cleopatraish or like a queen all regal n shit and i just look like a jackass lol. The look was the most true in those pics, so there i am in all my jackassery. Enjoy! lol.

hope you like it! <3 Sarah