Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Modern Cleopatra

Finally got my Shiro Cosmetics Tribute Collection about a week ago, and  i had this look on hand and forgot to post it. I did another look that turned out to be a fail, and due to my crazy schedule, i've been way too tired to do any makeup on my eyes. I also ordered from Venomous Cosmetics and Victorian Disco Cosmetics around the same time. I got my Lip Poisons from Venomous Cosmetics, but i'm still waiting on my Star Wars Collection from Victorian Disco Cosmetics to come in the mail. It seems i ordered at the perfect time, because both companies were going on vacation, one for a week, the other till June for maternity break. Thankfully, all my stuff got shipped before their vacations. For this look i used Rebellion and Baker's Boy from Shiro Cosmetics' Tributes Collection, my new Rimmel Exaggerate Eye Definer, which i LOVE. It's really black and glides like a dream but stays put when i put it on. i don't get raccoon eyes at the end of the day with it, like i did with Revlon's colorstay eyeliner. I also used the new Rimmel Scandalash Mascara. The mascara is meh. i think the brush is too fluffy and soft when it needs to be kinda hard to grab the lashes. I like it cuz it gives a more natural look and doesn't bug my eyes or flake off. Also the tube leaves the brush kinda gunky cuz the opening is too big. Nothing a tissue can't fix. Idk i always try new mascaras, and when i don't like them i pass them to my mom or sister, who usually loves them, so it never goes to waste. I have yet to give up on this mascara, it's not that bad. Anyways, here's the look. It looked way more awesome in person, trust me. I really loved it. A little dramatic for work at Walmart, but no one seemed to notice. I think they're already used to my crazy makeup lol. annnnd....picture time! i know there's alot sorry. but i couldn't choose just a few. i really liked how this came out. :) Also excuse the random duckface idk why i do that with my lips when i take a picture sometimes lol. The last pics are of me trying to look Cleopatraish or like a queen all regal n shit and i just look like a jackass lol. The look was the most true in those pics, so there i am in all my jackassery. Enjoy! lol.

hope you like it! <3 Sarah

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