Monday, May 28, 2012

First Look with Victorian Disco Cosmetics

Got my Star Wars Collection from Victorian Disco Cosmetics and WOW. The colors are amazing, more awesome than i ever thought they would be. Sparklelicious and complex, pigmented and pure perfection. I really like that like my beloved Shiro Cosmetics, Victorian Disco's pigments need little help besides eye primer to work well. I know that loose pigments work best with a sticky base or glitter adhesive (which i do not own), but i need products that can stand on their own and perform superbly with simply just primer. I'm always pressed for time cuz late is my middle name, so i don't got time to slap on 3 different products on my eyes before i apply color. I just use a primer, apply and blend, eyeliner and mascara and i'm done. Another company with great products disappointed me because i've found their pigments do better with glitter adhesive and colored bases. As much as that would be worth the work, i just don't have time for that on a daily basis. Victorian Disco on the other hand, was pure awesomeness, and now will definitely be a favorite shop of mine from now on. I actually just recently ordered the Brains 4 Beauty collection, which is named after the Left 4 Dead video game. I've never played it, but i can appreciate the reference and the colors are to die for. No pun intended lol. Anyways, i'm in love with my new colors, time to showcase them. Here i used from the Galaxy Far, Far Down The Street collection, Clones and Ewok Pajama Party. I also used a Venomous Cosmetics Lip Poison, but i'm not sure which one it is..FAIL lol. I can't remember cuz this is from days ago. I should also add that these pictures don't 100% do justice to the sheer GORGEOUSNESS of these pigments. It looked so much better in person. My camera did its best, but seriously...IRL they're magical. Well hope you like it. :)

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