Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Ice Princess Look

Another late post. I can't remember what day i wore this look, but here it is lol. I called this an "Ice Princess" look, because that's what it reminded me of. It's not what i was going for, it's just what it looked like. This is just a simple random work look. i really liked it.

 First i used my Urban Decay Primer Potion. I used Concrete Minerals Electric Eye Primer over that, to make the glitter stick better and make the color pop more. I had to read tons of reviews on the Electric Eye Primer to realize to use very little and blend it well. It causes carnuba wax containing pigments like Shiro Cosmetics' to pill up if you use too much and don't let it dry. I'm glad i never gave up on it and kept it around. It supposedly rivals my Urban Decay Primer Potion. It made me crease like crazy when i used it before, but i'm sure it'll just take some trial and error to find out how to make it work for me. I will test that theory when my Urban Decay primer runs out. This look did last all night though.

Next, i patted Shiro Cosmetics' Aperture Laboratories all over the lid and in the inner corners. It's an opaque shimmery grey-white with blue sparks. In the crease and outer corners, i used Madd Style Cosmetics' Spirited Away, a lovely blurple color with gold glitter and blended well. I really love this color.

I lined my top lashline and the bottom inner rims of my eyes with my Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner in Black, and my bottom lashline with Wet N' Wild's Color Icon Eyeliner in Deep Blue. I finished the eyes with Maybelline Falsies Black Drama mascara.

                                                                      A closeup of the eyes

Sorry no smiles, but as usual i was running late for work and didn't have much time for pictures. I used my Urban Decay Blow Lip Plumper on my lips, idk why they don't make their plumpers anymore. They're pretty great and make a great gloss. I'm hoping they'll come out with a new lip plumper someday. Well, that's the finished look, hope you like it. I'm going to sleep now, want to wake up on time tomorrow morning. I want to have time for a new look and a non-dead looking face to put it on lol. goodnight!

<3 Sarah

Belated Anti-Valentine's Look

Life has been crazy busy since i decided to start this blog. I hate to delay, but i've been really tired looking and my eyes were red from lack of sleep. I'm posting these 2 looks back to back quite late, as you can see. I'm working 40 hours at work, getting off late and i got the weekend off. My weekend was awesome but also super busy. Also, my sister had my laptop for 2 days cuz she needed to do work at home using the Microsoft Excel in my laptop. So now i've barely gotten the time to post this. Here's what i wore on Valentine's Day. I don't have a boyfriend, technically or officially (IT'S COMPLICATED), so i decided to go Anti-Valentine's Day. I know i look pissed off in these pics, but i swear i'm not. i was in a wonderful mood all day. I was just rushing to take pics before i had to go to work. So please excuse the "I Am Not Amused" look on my face lol.

First, as always, i started with my Urban Decay Primer Potion. I think i sometimes i forget to mention this, but i always use it or my eyeshadow creases like crazy. On top of that, i busted out my Sleek Primer Palette and used the color Noir all over the lid as a base. I then patted Madd Style Cosmetics' Goathead Redd, over Noir, which acts like glue for this awesome color. It's a matte black with tons of red glitter in it.

A little closer to try to show the glittery goodness. It didn't photograph too obviously, but i swear it's there. It's loaded with glitter. I'm sure had i taken the time, i could have gotten a pic to show it off more accurately. But this was the best i could do with the time i had.

In the crease, i used Scaredy Cat Cosmetics' Sakura, described as a metallic burgundy, but it is more of a blood red to me. I blended it down and out very well, as it is a very pigmented color. i lined only the bottom of my eyes with my Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner in Black. This is becoming my go-to liner, i love that i can get a nice thin or thick line that stays all day. I finished off the eyes with Maybelline Falsies Black Drama Mascara.

Another tidbit i never mention but is a staple in my makeup routine, is my EOS Smooth Sphere lip balm. I have Mint and Summer Fruit. I use this everyday before i apply anything else on my lips. I then lined my lips with my Urban Decay 24/7 Lipliner in Gash, and filled them in using my Shiro Intertube in Team Buffy. This went perfectly with this look and is very vampy to me. i love it. Sorry for the deer in the headlights look in this pic lol.

 I put some styling cream in my wet hair and brushed it back into a messy bun. I added some clips for fancy schmancyness since it was a holiday and i was feeling pretty. Idk why i made that face lol.

I was super happy with this look. To me, it reminded me of an actress in the 20's or the way a vampire would look in the 20's. It just gave me a sexy, sultry, dark 20's vibe. Well that's the finished look, i hope you like it, and sorry i posted this WAY after the holiday. This look is also an homage to genericwhore aka Danielle Jacobs. Check out her awesome look here: http://genericwhore.blogspot.com/2012/01/eotd-company-mash-up-sugarpill-and-madd.html (hers is much better than mine, cuz she's awesome!)

<3 Sarah

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Quick Update

sorry i haven't been posting, i've been working alot and having busy weekends. all this week i've been working till 10 at night, so by the time i get home i'm exhausted. i have a look waiting to be posted and i haven't had time to get creative with makeup lately. i actually haven't really worn makeup all this week. that makes me sad. i've just been running late to work and too sleepy to bother with putting anything around my tired looking eyes. tonight i worked till 12am, two hours overtime, i was supposed to get off at 10. i will try to have the look i have ready up tmrrw night, if not for sure it will be posted friday night. friday i will try to wear some makeup so i can post something. my problem is i get off so late, i get to bed late, so i wake up late to catch some extra ZZZ's. when i wake up late i don't have time to do my makeup really, so i put on some blush, mascara and eyeliner and lipgloss or lipstick and run out the door. no bueno for my blog. lol. seems like i got some early shifts next week so i should be able to get back on track with sleep and makeup soon. :)

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Simply Madd Pink and Purple

Went out last night and was feeling bright. Felt like pink and purple. Not really much to say about this look, besides it was very bright and fun. i wore it with my Urban Decay Primer Potion, it would have been ALOT MORE brighter had i used my Madd Style Cosmetics Pop N' Lock. I was too lazy. lol. I just wanted something simple and not so complicated. So here's the look:

I used Madd Style Cosmetics' Outlaw Star all over the lid, with Fabby LaLa blended in the crease and outer corners. Fabby LaLa is a very pink-toned purple, and it blends so well with Outlaw Star that it's a bit hard to see. I swear it's there lol. You can see its purpleyness is there. Yes, i make up my own words. I'm just not very good at describing things, but i try.

 I also used Shiro Cosmetics' Your Best Friend from The Science Collection (aka The Portal Collection) in the inner corners of my eyes. Its a shimmery grey-pink with strong pink glitter. SUPER AMAZING. Then i lined my top lid with my Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Rockstar, mine is a nub now. I need to replace it, it's my FAVORITE eyeliner and i've never seen a color like it. It's just going to kill me to buy another one, cuz it's SO EXPENSIVE. For an eyeliner. I also used my Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Ransom, to line along my bottom lashline, using Rockstar on the inside rim of my eyes to darken it up.

 I blended it all out like crazy, and i just realized i put mascara on AFTER i took the pictures. Oh well, just imagine my eyelashes look defined and awesome lol. i swiped on my Lancome Juicy Tube in Miracle, a OMFG glittery pinky clear gloss, and my "blush." Idk if i've said it before, but i use the pink eyeshadow in my Smashbox Burlesque eyeshadow quad for blush. The quad is called Entice. The collection was limited edition for the release of Burlesque. It was just a double-ended lipgloss, an eyeshadow quad, a shimmer powder and a liquid liner, which i gave to a friend at the time. I disliked having to pack on the eyeshadow on my lids because it lacked pigmentation, but i discovered it made a great blush. Anyways, enough rambling, that's the finished look. Hope you like it, in all it's simplicity.

<3 Sarah

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Jedi Master Yoda Inspired Look

Went to work with this yesterday, it was all inspired by one color, then it all fell into place from there. i was very happy and once again proud of what i came up with. i never thought i could do this kind of stuff. i'm no Vintage Or Tacky, Beth Brootality, Silhouette Screams, or Siryn. I never thought i could come up with makeup looks like they do. I've deemed myself "not that creative" and i am nowhere near as AWESOME as they are. Probably never will be, but just the fact that i can come up with something on my own, is an accomplishment to me. i never thought i could pull a look together that could remind me or anyone else of anything. But i guess i can lol. Anyways, enough babbling.

Now, just in case you don't know who Yoda is, here are some pictures:

                                                                           Old School Yoda

                                                                         New School Yoda

          And last but not least, Clone Wars Yoda. If you don't know what The Clone Wars is, google it. it's  awesome.

Now on to the look. In my opinion, it reminds me more of Clone Wars Yoda above. He's alot more colorful than the others. He's a little more cartoonish, less realistic. i used Shiro Cosmetics Budew in the inner corners of my eyes. This color reminded me and represents Yoda's green lightsaber. i felt that really needed to be represented, cuz what's a Jedi without his lightsaber? Am i right?

 I used Scaredy Cat Cosmetics' Keltoi, all over the lid. This is the color that started it all, got the ball rolling on this look. I've been dying to use it since i got it from winning their contest, as i mentioned in my Lion-O post. It's probably their most reviewed color. I've seen it on so many beauty blogs, and everyone loves it. Keltoi is a metallic green-gold, and it's gorgeous. i couldn't think of what to wear it with, but then i thought of brown. I used Shiro Cosmetics' Deadly Neurotoxin for this look in my outer corners and blended into the crease. It went perfectly with Keltoi, like they were made for eachother. Deadly Neurotoxin is a dark, shimmery green-brown. It fittingly represents Yoda's brown tunic.

I used my Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner in Stash to line all around my eyes, it's a dark green-gold. I used my Covergirl Natureluxe Mascara in Black, to finish off my eyes. This mascara isn't all that great, but it's the only one i have right now. I gave my mom my Maybelline Falsies Mascara cuz she needed it.

 On my lips, i used my Lancome Juicy Tube in Rose Fishnets. i love this color, it's a pretty rose color with golden shimmer. For blush i use the pink color in eyeshadow quad from my Smashbox Burlesque Set. I've hit pan already, i need to buy a blush. i use eyeshadow cuz whenever i get blush the color is never as pigmented as i would like.

My very last step was a brow highlight. I never do this. I just think that wearing eyeshadow all the way up to my eyebrows is too much, very bozo the clown. It looks great on everyone else, but i was starting to think it just wasn't for me. Not my taste. But when i finished this look, it seemed like it was missing something to tie it all together. So i busted out my Shiro Cosmetics Meowth, and swiped it on my browbone. That was it! That's what was missing. i guess brow highlighting isn't so bad.

And that's the finished look! i hope you like it, i loved it. i wore this to work all day with a huge smile on my face.  It made me happy. Please excuse my bad skin in this last pic. And i know one eye needs a little more brown in the pictures. i fixed that before i went to work lol. But you get the idea. Well thanks for subscribing if you are, or looking if you're not. :)

<3 Sarah

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thundercats Lion-O Look

Well i thought i'd try to make a look randomly, see what would happen. i wanted to use some new colors/old colors i hadn't used yet. Scaredy Cat Cosmetics had a new year's contest and i won second place, $20 bucks worth from their etsy store. i got four full size pigments, Fomhar, Chakra, Keltoi and Sanguine. i thought Fomhar was a interesting color, i thought i'd pair it with Scaredy Cat's Hirundo, which i already had. from there, something crazy and creative happened. i made a Thundercats look! i swear i didn't think i was that creative lol, idk where it came from. once those two colors came together, i started getting ideas and this look was born. when Fomhar met Hirundo, i was like wow, looks like that Thundercats guy. so, Thundercats, HO!!! (no i'm not calling myself a Thundercats ho. lol)

Just in case you weren't an 80's kid, here's a pic of Lion-O to understand where i got the inspiration:
 Also, if you ARE an 80's kid and know exactly what i'm talking about, then high five, you're fuckin' awesome! :D
Ok on to the look. First, i used Scaredy Cat Cosmetics' Fomhar all over the lid. I patted Hirundo in the crease and outer corners and blended it out, then added Shiro Cosmetics Hearts for the wings and outlined Hirundo. Hearts is the only red shadow i own so far, and it leaned a little more orangey than i liked. Then I realized represented Lion-O's hair perfectly to me. Since i did the wings on the outer corners, i thought it would be interesting to line a bit down my nose all cat-like. I don't have the proper brushes (yet) for sharp lines, so i used the smallest brush i had and used a Q-tip to make the points look a little sharper. Well as sharp as i could make it anyways.
 I used Scaredy Cat Cosmetics' Tide Me Over on the inner corners of my eyes, and Teal Deer on my lower lashline. It was too light to represent Lion-O's blue suit (armor? idk) so i used my Urban Decay 24/7 Pencil in Deviant to line all around my eyes.
 Lastly, i swiped on my Covergirl Natureluxe Mascara, and busted out my Shiro Cosmetics Intertube in Shoop Da Whoop. I'm super proud of this look, and of myself for inadvertently pulling it out of my ass. It just kinda fell together awesomely.
Hope you like it! Put your paws up Thundercats, RAWR!
<3 Sarah

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

No New Posts, WTF? I 'Splain...

ok it seems once i decided hey, let's give makeup blogging a try, life throws me an unexpectedly wonderful curveball. i got my job back at walmart and i couldn't be happier. i'm finally back on track to achieving my goals to make everything better. i'm just so glad i don't have to live off of unemployment, barely scraping by. i have a reason to get out of the house, to wear makeup and feel confident. i can hopefully get a car by the end of the year, even if i don't reach my goal of getting one before my birthday. once i get that going, i want to go to school for something, so i can get out of dead end jobs for good and finally have the life i deserve. anyways, i've been working for about a week, and that's why i haven't posted anything new. great start, huh? :/ i've been wearing makeup everyday, but i'm in such a damn rush to get to work, i don't have time to photograph it to show you. by the time i get home, my makeup is on, just not as fresh as i would like to present. i'm working on not always running late, so i can jump start this blog with more posts. so sorry about the delay in posts, i'm working on it, i promise.
<3 Sarah