Sunday, February 12, 2012

Simply Madd Pink and Purple

Went out last night and was feeling bright. Felt like pink and purple. Not really much to say about this look, besides it was very bright and fun. i wore it with my Urban Decay Primer Potion, it would have been ALOT MORE brighter had i used my Madd Style Cosmetics Pop N' Lock. I was too lazy. lol. I just wanted something simple and not so complicated. So here's the look:

I used Madd Style Cosmetics' Outlaw Star all over the lid, with Fabby LaLa blended in the crease and outer corners. Fabby LaLa is a very pink-toned purple, and it blends so well with Outlaw Star that it's a bit hard to see. I swear it's there lol. You can see its purpleyness is there. Yes, i make up my own words. I'm just not very good at describing things, but i try.

 I also used Shiro Cosmetics' Your Best Friend from The Science Collection (aka The Portal Collection) in the inner corners of my eyes. Its a shimmery grey-pink with strong pink glitter. SUPER AMAZING. Then i lined my top lid with my Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Rockstar, mine is a nub now. I need to replace it, it's my FAVORITE eyeliner and i've never seen a color like it. It's just going to kill me to buy another one, cuz it's SO EXPENSIVE. For an eyeliner. I also used my Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Ransom, to line along my bottom lashline, using Rockstar on the inside rim of my eyes to darken it up.

 I blended it all out like crazy, and i just realized i put mascara on AFTER i took the pictures. Oh well, just imagine my eyelashes look defined and awesome lol. i swiped on my Lancome Juicy Tube in Miracle, a OMFG glittery pinky clear gloss, and my "blush." Idk if i've said it before, but i use the pink eyeshadow in my Smashbox Burlesque eyeshadow quad for blush. The quad is called Entice. The collection was limited edition for the release of Burlesque. It was just a double-ended lipgloss, an eyeshadow quad, a shimmer powder and a liquid liner, which i gave to a friend at the time. I disliked having to pack on the eyeshadow on my lids because it lacked pigmentation, but i discovered it made a great blush. Anyways, enough rambling, that's the finished look. Hope you like it, in all it's simplicity.

<3 Sarah