Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thundercats Lion-O Look

Well i thought i'd try to make a look randomly, see what would happen. i wanted to use some new colors/old colors i hadn't used yet. Scaredy Cat Cosmetics had a new year's contest and i won second place, $20 bucks worth from their etsy store. i got four full size pigments, Fomhar, Chakra, Keltoi and Sanguine. i thought Fomhar was a interesting color, i thought i'd pair it with Scaredy Cat's Hirundo, which i already had. from there, something crazy and creative happened. i made a Thundercats look! i swear i didn't think i was that creative lol, idk where it came from. once those two colors came together, i started getting ideas and this look was born. when Fomhar met Hirundo, i was like wow, looks like that Thundercats guy. so, Thundercats, HO!!! (no i'm not calling myself a Thundercats ho. lol)

Just in case you weren't an 80's kid, here's a pic of Lion-O to understand where i got the inspiration:
 Also, if you ARE an 80's kid and know exactly what i'm talking about, then high five, you're fuckin' awesome! :D
Ok on to the look. First, i used Scaredy Cat Cosmetics' Fomhar all over the lid. I patted Hirundo in the crease and outer corners and blended it out, then added Shiro Cosmetics Hearts for the wings and outlined Hirundo. Hearts is the only red shadow i own so far, and it leaned a little more orangey than i liked. Then I realized represented Lion-O's hair perfectly to me. Since i did the wings on the outer corners, i thought it would be interesting to line a bit down my nose all cat-like. I don't have the proper brushes (yet) for sharp lines, so i used the smallest brush i had and used a Q-tip to make the points look a little sharper. Well as sharp as i could make it anyways.
 I used Scaredy Cat Cosmetics' Tide Me Over on the inner corners of my eyes, and Teal Deer on my lower lashline. It was too light to represent Lion-O's blue suit (armor? idk) so i used my Urban Decay 24/7 Pencil in Deviant to line all around my eyes.
 Lastly, i swiped on my Covergirl Natureluxe Mascara, and busted out my Shiro Cosmetics Intertube in Shoop Da Whoop. I'm super proud of this look, and of myself for inadvertently pulling it out of my ass. It just kinda fell together awesomely.
Hope you like it! Put your paws up Thundercats, RAWR!
<3 Sarah

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