Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sexy Golem

wore this look to the mall to turn in some applications i had filled out a few days before. i was shopping with my mom and my sister and her kids for school. it was a really good day that day, but i broke out a little. still didn't make me feel too crappy though. :) i used Shiro Cosmetics Golem from the Super Effective Collection and a NYX pigment in Black Pearl my friend Lucy sent me. she's so awesome. i never realized i don't have a non-glittery black at all in my vast collection. i need to invest in a shimmery black like Black Pearl in case that runs out and a matte black. totally need to experiment with matte colors. i don't even have any! i had a Kat Von D palette that i gave to my mom and it had sum matte colors in it. oh well, too late. this was a simple look that i really loved. it was sultry and smoky and sexy. Golem is a color i reach for very often now. Sexy Golem. oh yeah. lol.

hope u like it!
<3 Sarah

Squirtle Summer

here's another look from i don't remember when. i went to pick up applications around where i live, and it was SO HOT that day. i really hate summer, and this summer has really sucked so far. it's already supposed to be officially over, but it didn't get hot till the beginning of August around here, so i guess it's gonna stay awhile. i love fall, but adore winter. i'm not happy that it's probably going to be a short one since summer decided to be a jackass and come late. anyways, i finally bought an eyeliner brush to wear my pigments as eyeliner, so i decided to try it out on this horribly hot day. i talked to Caitlin the owner of Shiro Cosmetics to ask what would be the best way to wear the pigments as liner. she said water would work fine. i didn't think it would work on my oily skin but i gave it a shot. it was awesome, but because of my oily skin and the heat, it didn't last long. i was a sad panda. good thing i was only out for a few hours and was home and able to take it off. definitely going to invest in Make Up For Ever's Eye Seal so my liner will be waterproof next time. ok so for this look, i used Shiro Cosmetics Squirtle from the Super Effective Collection, wet as eyeliner, and S.S Anne on the lids. S.S Anne is very close to my skintone color, so i wanted to use it to balance out the brightness of Squirtle. i just felt weird leaving my lids bare with nothing under the eyeliner lol. i put on sum blush and sum lipgloss and i was out the door. very simple and pretty quick, despite the time it took to do the liner. also i'm warning you, i did sum really goofy faces to show off the eyeliner lol. almost forgot, debut of my new hair!! u likee?

hope u like it!
<3 Sarah

Luau Look

these are really old pics im barely getting the chance to post. i went to a luau in April, it was my nina and nino's anniversary 40 or 50th i think, but i don't remember now lol. it was lots of fun till i got really sick. good  thing my mom was ready to leave at the time. been cutting down on my drinking ever since. it seems like when im having too much fun, i drink WAY too much. haven't had a problem since. anyways, enough about my alcoholism lol jk, on to the look. i used colors from my Shiro Cosmetics Super Effective collection, and it was really bright and fun. i used Weepinbell and Spiritomb, i used a pink but i don't remember wat i was, maybe Mew? this wasn't as great as other tropical looks i've seen, but i liked it. :) also, idk why i look weirdly tan in these pics. i also used my Venomous Cosmetics Lip Poison in Dizzy on my lips, and a Milani Liquif'Eye pencil in Teal on my lower lashline.

hope u like the look! i had alot of fun that day, maybe too much! lol.
<3, Sarah

Tropical Fail

tried to change things up and make a tropical look, didn't quite work out lol. i wore this to work and thought it looked ok. in the pictures though, really not that great lol. maybe it looked better in person?? lol see for yourself...

well, guess it wasn't THAT bad. lol. XO, Sarah