Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sexy Golem

wore this look to the mall to turn in some applications i had filled out a few days before. i was shopping with my mom and my sister and her kids for school. it was a really good day that day, but i broke out a little. still didn't make me feel too crappy though. :) i used Shiro Cosmetics Golem from the Super Effective Collection and a NYX pigment in Black Pearl my friend Lucy sent me. she's so awesome. i never realized i don't have a non-glittery black at all in my vast collection. i need to invest in a shimmery black like Black Pearl in case that runs out and a matte black. totally need to experiment with matte colors. i don't even have any! i had a Kat Von D palette that i gave to my mom and it had sum matte colors in it. oh well, too late. this was a simple look that i really loved. it was sultry and smoky and sexy. Golem is a color i reach for very often now. Sexy Golem. oh yeah. lol.

hope u like it!
<3 Sarah

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