Sunday, March 11, 2012

Eyes Only

This is going to be a super short post, mostly pictures. My love came over and i just wanted to do my eyes, no lipcolor or blush. This is just a two-color look, super simple and fast. I've been doing these alot lately, seeing as i'm always a little pressed for time lol. What's new. :P

I used my Concrete Minerals Electric Eye Primer, and applied Shiro Cosmetics' Steelix all over the lid. It's a dark gray-green with a lighter green shimmer. A gorgeously rarely used color in my collection. That's gonna change. In the crease, i blended Shiro's Golem, a rich, opaque brown with strong silver-gray shimmer. These two particular colors made this look anything but boring with their complexity. I finished off with my usual black mascara and eyeliner, and i was done. Hope you like the look, it was so easy, yet so versatile. This could work for day or night time, a night in or a night out. What's cool is you can see the colors shift from different angles. Here's some more pictures:

The end lol.

<3 Sarah

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