Thursday, October 18, 2012

Club Saturday

This look is from last Saturday, it was my sister's birthday and she wanted to go clubbing Friday and Saturday. She's crazy. It was really fun though. Friday sucked but she had fun, and Saturday was an explosion of awesome. The first half of the night i was sitting down while her and my mom and her friend danced. I'm not much of a dancer, and i prefer certain kinds of music. They played some old school music i didn't really care for in the beginning. I was glad my sister was having alot more fun than the previous night. Then everything changed. I guess it was 80's night and they played The Cure, Morrissey, Depeche Mode, and my sister sat down. My uncle showed up and man we danced all night together. It was so much fun. I love dancing to 80's music and me and my uncle burned up the dance floor. Awesome night. Anyways, here's my makeup lol. I used Zora/Zora Sapphire and Veran/Dark Sacrifice from the Shiro Cosmetics Legends Collection and Alkahestry from the Fullmetal Collection. I used Zora on the lid and Veran in the crease and outer corners and winged it out a bit. I'd been dying to wear Alkahestry cuz i love purple, but i have a weird thing where i match my eyeshadow to what i'm wearing, and i wasn't wearing purple. So i decided to put it in the corner of my eyes to highlight. It is such a gorgeously glittery color, i decided to just pat it all over my lid afterwards to make the entire look sparkle and pop. I was in love with this look and felt like a rockstar with all the sparkle. I'm also wearing the Shiro Cosmetics Ridiculously Photogenic intertube on my lips. I love it cuz it the perfect berry shade when i don't want my lips to overpower my eyes but also want them featured. I'm never a girl for bare lips. Very rarely anyways. Also please excuse my shiny greasy face! And idk wtf my hair is doing on the right side  lol. I was in a rush and took the pics before i fixed my hair and put on my Fatality Finishing Powder also from Shiro Cosmetics (DUH!.) Well i hope you like the look! Onto the pics!

ok enough of the serious pics, here's me a complete dork playin around with the camera lol. hope u get a laugh out of it. :)

lol. <3 Sarah

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