Friday, June 15, 2012

I'd Rather Kiss A Wookie!

Hey everyone, i'm back with a new look. I haven't been getting much sleep, which means i haven't been wearing makeup for a while. And when i decided it's time to start wearing some again, i get sick. LAME. here's a look i did idk when, and am barely posting now. I used Victorian Disco's Galaxy Far, Far Down The Street Collection for this (yes again! lol). Leia's Bikini on the lid and Wookie Noises in the crease. Black eyeliner and mascara by Rimmel Cosmetics. For the lips, i used Venomous Cosmetics' Dazed. This color confuses the hell out of me. In the tube, it's a soft pinky coral, and the same on my lips. Yet when i search for swatches, it looks like and it's described as a bright orangey tomato red. I wonder if maybe the lipgloss i got is the wrong color? Idk. I thought of contacting the owner to ask, but i don't want to bug. Maybe it just turns that color on me? Well either way, i ADORE this color. It's gorgeous. Anyways, on to the pics.

hope u like it! :)

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